➤  New Strategy on China by PM Modi after his meeting with Ajit Doval 

New Strategy on China by PM Modi after his meeting with Ajit Doval

India is pushing more troops into the northern border as it prepares for a wider conflict with neighboring China following repeated failed talks to ease tensions between its nuclear-armed rivals.

Government officials say the laws do not recognize that China has already deployed 5,000 soldiers and armored vehicles at the border. Officials said they were adding similar troops and artillery to the Indian border to counter the continued attacks by Chinese troops.

On May 5, troops on either side of the Tibetan Plateau on the banks of the 14,000-foot Glacier Lake were wounded by Pangong So. Then the soldiers are constantly built on the background of heritage.

Diplomats in New Delhi and Beijing began talks with Indian and Chinese military officials on May 22 and 23, saying they were unsuccessful. Officials said China's move to cross the 3,488-kilometer (2,167-mile) border in two separate locations from previous attempts to gain territory after the two countries fought in 1962.

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he has promised to intervene. 

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told the media Wednesday that Beijing is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the border areas. He believes that the two countries have good border systems and means of communication.

“We are following the important consensus reached by the two leaders and are closely monitoring the agreements between the two countries,” Zhao said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Defense Chief General Bipin Rawat and three armed forces leaders. The meeting focused on the options available in India and decided to take a diplomatic course while maintaining a strict military position on the border.

"There are different levels of negotiations to address the issue," said SS Sivakumar, a member of the National Security Advisory Council of India, who advises the Prime Minister's Office. L. It is not. India will defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and at the same time make every effort to maintain peace and tranquility along the Indo-China border.

➤ Consolidates energy

Chinese actions on the border coincide with efforts to consolidate political and strategic positions across Asia. The decision to introduce new laws in Hong Kong is likely to worsen relations with the US, as Beijing continues to campaign for oil, gas and fisheries to return to their shores and Taiwan will not be reunited with WHO.

The world's second largest economy is facing criticism from the US, Europe and Australia for the first reported coronavirus epidemic in China and the Hubei province. China is accused of pushing the world into a new Cold War.

Government officials said the ongoing road and bridge construction in the Galvan Sector in Ladakh has led to ongoing clashes with India. Under Prime Minister Modi's regime, India is building border infrastructure, which is aimed at the development of remote areas without targeting any particular country. 74 strategic highways along the eastern border have been completed and 20 are planned to be completed next year.

Chinese border strikes escalate as Indian Union takes control of Ladakh province in August 2019.

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